Oracle of Inner Wilderness


This deck was born of a desire to embrace the wild spirit; the part of us that can never truly be suppressed. The part of us that longs to howl, dance the flames with sap laced feet and let the rain wash it all away.

For so long many of us have attempted to hide this part of ourselves because it isn't socially acceptable, 'pretty' or comfortable. Many of us today live in the city and could go far too long without feeling the sweetness of the ground beneath our bare feet or the silken water of a lake caressing our naked body. This deck is meant to speak to the parts of us that are perpetual wilderness. The parts of us that know our ancient ancestors, that know the earth and that know the liminal spaces between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

When we fully embrace our innate wildness and inner wilderness we also embrace the part of us that knows. The part of us that knows what our ancestors knew deeply in their bones, the part that can see what is not visible and hear what is not being said. This goes deeper than feelings of intuition, it is deep seated ancient knowledge that rests in our wild bones waiting to be accessed.

Our inner wilderness is also the birthplace of creation, it is the place of intimacy and knowing. It is our birthright if we are ready to accept it – our wild soul and deepest truth.




Kate Awen

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