Subtle Activism Card Deck


This Subtle Activism Manual and Card Deck is the fourth card deck designed by David Spangler. All have these things in common.
1. They are all educational, designed to illustrate a process rather than only to provide a means for gaining oracular information.
2. They all use a similar structure. Each is really two decks, one to create a field of consciousness and energy and the second to play off that field to achieve the objective of the deck.
3. And all were gifts from the subtle realms. They all emerged from a design shown to David while in contact with a non-physical allies where the basic structure of the deck and how to use it was presented as a “download” of information and vision.
This manual and the card deck it supports emerged out of a desire on the part of David Spangler and his non-physical colleagues to provide a tool to help facilitate contributing one’s subtle energies and qualities in blessing and service to the world at a time of need. Although this deck has oracular capabilities, it does more than simply to provide information about ourselves or our future. What is particularly true for this Subtle Activism card deck is that, like the others, it derives from the vision that each of us is a generative source of spiritual power, capable of entering into partnership and collaboration with the spirit of the world to bring greater wholeness into our lives and into the life of the planet. This Subtle Activism manual and card deck was illustrated by Jeremy Berg and consists of a PDF manual, and forty cards.


David Spangler

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