Shadow to Light


This deck is designed to evoke a deeper connection with your intuition, awakening your original consciousness and provoking the shadow to the surface. Place intent before selecting cards. Adopt a receptive state while scanning the cards, and choose the ones that you sense are right for you without turning them over.

Once you flip them, you'll see rich, evocative imagery. Take the time to ponder each card, and allow emotions to arise as you feel the effect the cards are meant to have. Each card comes with a written message as well, to help guide you on your journey.

Use the images for meditation, and journal your insights to keep track of your growth experiences with this deck.

Some cards may challenge you to face aspects of yourself hitherto unknown. Take your time in contemplating each one, and know that I am available at to support you through whatever arises from working with Shadow to Light.

This is a digital version of the deck. To access after purchase install the Deckible app for IOS or Android.

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