Fairy Tales metaphoric cards


Fairy tale metaphoric cards are a tool that uses images and symbols from fairy tales to provide insights into a person's life, emotions, and future. Fairy tale metaphoric cards can be used for a variety of purposes, including self-reflection, decision-making, problem-solving, and spiritual growth. They offer a unique and imaginative way to explore the deeper aspects of our psyche and tap into the collective wisdom of traditional folklore and mythology. They can be an excellent tool for working with both children and adults, providing a creative and engaging activity that can be presented in a game format.
Each of us has an inner child - we were all once children, spontaneous, creative, joyful, curious, and well aware of our desires. However, contact with our inner child can be lost, causing us to miss out on many strong characteristics and joyful opportunities. Fairy tale metaphoric cards can help restore our connection with our inner child and provide a deeper understanding of our desires and motivations. But of course, the benefits of fairy tale metaphoric cards go beyond restoring contact with our inner child. There are lots of articles about the benefits of fairy tale therapy, and the main specific of those cards is that fairytale is a natural, comprehensible and ecological format that does not scare us.
Fairy Tales Deck includes characters, locations, different items (like letter, sword, money chest etc.), animals and other mythical creatures.


Yulia Niaguseva

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