Goddess Self-Care Oracle Deck


I channeled and designed this deck of 72 unique cards that feature self-care practices and affirmations, each one carefully crafted to inspire and empower you on your journey of self-discovery, to up your self-care and make YOU a priority! I hope you enjoy it and use it every day!
Self-care comes in many flavors. It is NOT exclusively about massages, pedicures and bubble baths (although we do like those too!).
Self-care is about showing yourself how much you value yourself, how much you love yourself. It’s about loving your Body and taking care of her. It's about valuing and expressing your Emotions. It's about respecting the thoughts and ideas of your gorgeous Mind. It's about taking time for your Spirit to connect with the Divine all around.
In this oracle deck, the Eight fundamental Greek Goddesses whose archetypes inhabit your psyche and guide your life become our guides to visit all areas of Self-Care.
Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or simply in need of some self-love, the Goddess Self-Care Oracle Deck has got you covered.
Simply pick a card every time you feel like it... Or choose 3 to 5 cards to create a daily Self-Care routine for yourself!


Isaya Gabriel

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