The Magical Manifesting Messages Deck


The Magical Manifesting Messages Deck was created by Global Intuitive Guide & Medium & Bestselling Author & Award winning Sound

Healing Artist Angelica Perman with over 23 years experience offering spiritual support to clients around the world.

Angelica dreamed of making an easy and powerful oracle deck for her clients tosupport connecting to intuitive guidance and manifestation!

She teamed up with friend; Artist & Art Healer Brenna Butler who designed each unique symbol and all the art of the deck!

Each card has a word, unique symbol, triple digit angel number and a positive message. These cards can be used in various spreads, along with other decks as well as placed on an altar to co-create abundance, love and spiritual connection!

These cards were created to support intention setting, tapping into your own intuition and empowering actions. They are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace professional, legal or medical support.

The unique symbols were created to express the word to enhance the energy of the message.
The triple angel numbers offer additional clarity;
The number key is on the back of this card.

This is a digital version of the deck. To access after purchase install the Deckible app for IOS or Android.

Open 'The Magical Manifesting Messages Deck' in the Deckible App