PlayCards distil six years of research into the skills and capabilities organisations need to be able to innovate into a simple tool that helps individuals, small groups and teams.

In his work, Matt Ballantine has spoken with people in traditional businesses, the arts, government, consulting and more to create a straightforward model that helps people to understand what they need to be able to do to do things differently.

PlayCards enable you to play with those concepts, and take clear actions to build up the attributes you and your organisation need to innovate in our ever-changing world.

They are a 52-card deck that can be used solo, with groups or by facilitators to help people to explore their Play Skills. Designed by Matt Ballantine after many years of research, the cards have been beautifully illustrated by Ellie Dallison from Studio KT1.


Matt Ballantine

This is a digital version of the deck. To access after purchase install the Deckible app for IOS or Android.

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