Amy Fairbridge


Amy is an Intuitive & Holistic Productivity Coach on a mission to eradicate burnout.

In her 1-on-1 coaching, corporate workshops, and signature Soulful Productivity Program, she empowers her clients to transform their approach to productivity so that they can be truly productive, without sacrificing their relationships, passions, and wellbeing. Nothing makes her shine brighter than witnessing her clients escape the overwhelm and hustle-culture insanity to find clarity, peace of mind, and heart-felt joy.

Amy’s life experiences (motherhood, burnout and depression, and two decades leading corporate teams) taught her two things:

1. True productivity can only happen from a place of alignment, and

2. Burnout is the opposite of alignment.

She has suffered, learned from, and integrated profound lessons from the gifts of burnout and depression: they have been the catalyst for her personal healing and self discovery. It's this self-healing journey that has given rise to her perspective, wisdom, and ability to compassionately support her clients towards healing, clarity, and self-actualization so that they too, can Do Less and Be More!

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Amy Fairbridge Intuitive & Holistic Productivity Coach | DO LESS BE MORE