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I am an Intuitive Success Coach, Compassion Key Healing Practitioner, Author, Digital Creator, Artist/Photographer and Earth Doula supporting women sensitives like you unfolding into your true authentic self. I help facilitate the release of what no longer serves so that you can fully embrace the life you dream of and truly deserve.

Hey beautiful sensitive soul!

I'm Marcelle, I believe in the power of “like attracts like”, and if you are here reading this, I suspect we have walked similar paths. From a young age, I felt the weight of the world's energy pressing down on me, not realizing then that a lot of what I was picking up was not my own “stuff” but that of the people around me. I felt so scared and alone in the world… and maybe you have felt like this too.

Over the years I learned to hone my gifts as a sensitive and how to embrace them as strengths, not as the burdens they often felt to be. My journey has been one of healing from a traumatic past that left me with deep anxiety and a sense of not belonging. But through my experiences, I've discovered ways to transcend those struggles, and I am so pleased to be here to help facilitate your journey to peace, joy and true to heart living.

My 20+ years in supporting people development in my former corporate career allows me to quickly tune into your individual preferences and needs to help facilitate your unique journey as a sensitive. Whether it's through self-directed tools, group workshops or one-on-one coaching, I'm dedicated to helping you find your way to a happier, more fulfilling existence.

My own healing journey led me to become a published author and a certified Magnetic Mind Coach and Compassion Key Practitioner, which are powerful mind, body and soul shifting modalities. These tools, combined with my intuitive gifts, allow me to help you release energetic blocks, limiting beliefs and unhealed patterns so that you can live your most authentic life.

But it's not just about healing—it's about embracing the joy and creativity that lie within you. From childhood adventures with my stuffed dog Lassie to many years of crafting and donning costumes for charitable events, I've always found solace and inspiration in creativity. That's why I'm thrilled to announce my upcoming Signature Empath Masterclass Program, "Creative Gifts of the Sensitive SHero!" It's a fun and safe space where together we can explore your unique gifts and unleash your true potential.

So if you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or disconnected from your true self, know that you're not alone. I'm here to support you every step of the way, whether it's through individual coaching sessions and packages or joining our community of sensitive and creative souls.

Outside of our sessions, you'll find me out in nature, singing or dancing whenever and wherever possible, practicing yoga, or cuddling with my faithful feline companion, Princeton. Because just like you, I believe in the power of living from the heart with love, light, and inspired connection to guide us on our journey.

Wishing you an expanded experience of your beautiful self through my oracle deck(s) and I look forward to seeing you soon on social media, in one of my programs or in the community!

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Marcelle Charrois Living Authentically from the Heart

Messengers of Gaia (Deck)


Messengers of Gaia takes sensitive souls on a journey of rediscovery, regeneration, renewal and revival of the sacred self through the various lenses of self-worth, self-care, self-love, self-expression and celebration of the unique and true to heart blueprint of the authentic soul within.
You will be ushered through this journey by the animal and mystical spirits that are the messengers of greater love and acceptance for self. Each card invites you to reflect on how you can embody its theme through your chosen practice whether it be meditation, journaling or contemplation while out in nature or your favourite place.
Within this oracle deck, there is a secret card that contains the key to a free gift which will add a little fun and exploration to your experience.
Last but not least, with the intent of expanding the positive ripple with gratitude and more avenues to feed your soul, each card has a dedication to a person or group of people who have made a difference in my life, and some of them are also earthly messengers and facilitators of love in its many facets. Feel free to explore their websites, social media or offerings if it resonates.

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