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Wendy Hutchinson is an intuitive Ascension Guide, Healer, Public Speaker, Author, and Podcast Host of her show “The Path of Me”. Her Soul mission is to be in service to Humanity as we navigate global change and personal transitions. Her work empowers people to trust their inner knowing and embrace the light within. She creates a sacred container for personal transformation to occur while powerfully supporting the return journey to the authentic self and Soul Sovereignty.

Her healing work helps clients trace their patterns and programs back through lifetimes to inception points where they can be healed and transmuted. This creates incredible clarity, forgiveness, and acceptance and offers people the ability to release the story they have carried through lifetimes. Often clearing these deep Soul wounds and patterns energetically sets the client free.

She published the book "Finding the Path of Me, Awakening to Remembering Who You Are and Why You Are Here" as an ascension guide based on her own personal journey. With thought provoking journal prompts at the end of each chapter, she encourages the reader to explore their own life experience and process. The book (available in Ebook and paperback) is an offering for people looking for help breaking programs and patterns that no longer serve them.

Receive her free content and offerings by joining her newsletter or following her blog on her website: https://www.alinealifecoaching.com. You can also follow her on social media here:

IG: @mamahutch47

Facebook: Wendy.Hutchinson.60 or Alinea Life Coaching

Her Podcast, "The Path of Me" can be accessed on her website under the Podcast tab featuring guests who have found the courage to follow their own authentic life path and sharing their wisdom picked up along the way.

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Wendy Hutchinson Soul Healer, Ascension Guide, Author, and Podcast Host

Soul Power Oracle


The Soul Power deck is a reminder that you are powerful and strong, resilient, and wise.

Walk with me through the deck and remember who you are. Return to yourself at Source.

This deck has 33 cards with profound soul messages.

This deck was created to inspire you to step into your Soul Power.

As an infinite being of light, you come from the stars.

You chose this moment to be here.

It’s time for you to step into power and purpose.

Card Deck Genres:

Oracle , Ayesha hilton community


Wendy Hutchinson