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The world is even more bizarre than you suspect it is. And if you want to see how bizarre, you only have to look at the pillar of all life: food and drink.

Food and drink give us sustenance and joy. They can even give meaning to life on Earth itself. (On that note, if wine and cheese ever run out, we're on the first rocket ship out of here.)

At Show & Tell, we spend our time searching for facts, stories and coincidences about food and drink. Then we pour our discoveries into podcasts, newsletters, animations and digital card decks. Sometimes we do this for clients. Sometimes we make independent projects for people just like you.

Our first independent project is 'The Gastronomer's Gazette' (formerly 'Spierkater's Gallimaufry')—tales about food and drink that are so laughably absurd you'll think they were them up. (They were not.)


Humor , Multi-media

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