Jennifer Mayol

Jennifer is an artist and writer, an explorer of inner realms and devotee of the existential mystery of life. She thrives working in the richness of mixed media in her artwork, grateful for the sacred and intimate, healing alchemy of creativity. Holding close to her heart the poignant reality of the impermanence of life, she values dignity for all beings in whatever form they exist.

Jennifer has a BA in Art from MIU and completed a three-year textile studies program from Pacific Basin School of Textile Art. She’s a longtime teacher of Trillium Awakening, an embodied spiritual work, is certified in Somatic Experiencing which is a trauma healing process and is also certified in hypnotherapy. On a limited basis, she offers sessions called Embodied Awakening and Creativity and also Bringing Your Essence to the Page, helping people bring more of their spirit and visceral aliveness to their writing.

Jennifer lives in Northern California with her life partner and kidney donor, Michael. To find out more about her art and upcoming book, Strange Grace, go to her website:

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Jennifer Mayol

Strange Grace Journey Deck


The Strange Grace Deck is a portal to deepening embodiment and relaxing into Being. The cards are intended to be kind and insightful companions on your journey, connecting you more fully with your own creativity, intuition and archetypal wisdom.

In this time of great change, may this deck inspire in you more compassion for and acceptance of yourself and other beings, as well as give you a deeper sense of communion with the world around you.

This deck includes the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot, honoring this rich tradition, and 46 healing journey cards. Created by Jennifer Mayol, the artwork and writings emerged from her own alchemical process of embodiment, healing and transformation.


Jennifer Mayol