Jeffrey Eisen


Meet Jeffrey Eisen, a Toronto visionary who left his corporate career at age 50 with a crystal clear mission - to catalyze a profound shift in the planet's consciousness, one person at a time.

Jeffrey is a Spiritual Life Coach, Channeler of Shaltazar, Energy Intuitive, author, Reiki Master and Nature Photographer.

The profound wisdom of Shaltazar has transformed Jeffrey’s life immensely. By embracing these teachings, you too can unlock a new perspective, inviting more peace, harmony, and contentment into your existence.

Jeffrey exemplifies the transformative power of love and conscious living. Join his journey to shift the world's consciousness, one heart at a time.

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Jeffrey Eisen Spiritual Life Coach, Channeler of Shaltazar, Energy Intuitive, Author & Photographer Digital Card Deck Creator Wisdom Of Shaltazar

Step into a world where ancient wisdom meets modern guidance, where the ethereal whispers of the Universe find form in beautifully crafted cards. The journey of the Wisdom of Shaltazar Oracle Cards began in the most unexpected way, a convergence of cosmic intention and human inspiration.

Picture this: a seasoned channeler, Jeffrey, had been in communion with the enigmatic entity known as Shaltazar for years. The idea of creating an Oracle card deck was tossed into the air by his friend, Sara Sanquino, like a sparkling possibility. Jeffrey, intrigued yet uncertain, could hardly fathom the path this seedling idea would tread.

But Shaltazar, oh ever-persistent and wise, had other plans. The nudge of cosmic guidance stirred Jeffrey's heart, and thus commenced a remarkable expedition to unveil profound wisdom for the betterment of many. Sara's artistic hands lent life to Shaltazar's insights, giving shape and colour to the formless teachings.

The Osho Zen Tarot cards were an integral part of Jeffrey's journey of self-discovery. They held not just a message but a keen commentary, a lantern to illuminate the path. And so, with a desire to mirror this brilliance, the format for the Shaltazar deck took shape. Enter Mark Layne, the wordsmith collaborator, invited to weave insightful narratives for each card.

With the stars aligned, the ensemble was complete, and the journey unfurled. Over 24 months, a dance between realms transpired. Jeffrey channeled, bridging realms, while Mark, a true bard, translated cosmic whispers into relatable human commentaries. Two worlds entwined, two souls enriched.

Why, you might wonder, did they settle on 55 cards? Ah, the enchanting numerology holds the answer. 55, a masterful duo of fives, dances in realms of change, transformation, and personal growth. It’s a cosmic wink, a nod from the Universe itself. A double helix of change, a symphony of shifts. This number doesn't just whisper but shouts: awaken, evolve, embrace.

And now, a labour of love and cosmic communion stands before you – the Wisdom of Shaltazar Oracle Cards. A tool not only to glimpse into the depths of your journey but to navigate its waters. Jeffrey, Mark, and Sara, the cosmic triumvirate, offer this gift to you, wrapped in love and bathed in light. As they have transformed, so shall you.

So, dear traveller, are you ready? Ready to step into the river of change, to dance with transformation, and to embrace the light of your own intuition? The cards are drawn, the journey beckons.

Welcome to the Wisdom of Shaltazar Oracle Cards.

We hope the wisdom in these oracle cards will help you live a more fulfilled life, allowing you to experience more contentment, happiness, joy, peace, and love more of the time.

Jeffrey Eisen, Mark Layne & Sara Sanguino


Jeffrey Eisen