RoseAnn Janzen


RoseAnn is an Energy Information Consultant to entrepreneurs, professionals, and polymaths working to uplift their life and business.

She has been a financial controller, investment portfolio manager, retail store owner, blacksmith, artist, business psychic/coach to entrepreneurs, and magazine editor and publisher.

Her belief is that our real desires are solidly within us but first we have to get out of fear then we can acknowledge those deep desires and make the decision to move towards those goals, learning and creating as we build. To that end she creates products and services to fast-track your self knowledge, raise your frequency , and bring you to consciously expand and evolve your awareness and reach your highest abilities and potentials, especially your extraordinary abilities.

Being enthusiastic about life. Being curious. Loving to learn. Finding the flow and harmony. Discovering who and what we really are and learning to live our greatest potential. That’s where we are headed as Living Light human beings.

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RoseAnn Janzen Access Your ExtraOrdinary Abilities & Potential

Life Cards(Deck)


Life Cards help you step into your full spiritual abilities and potentials, steadily increasing your frequency and evolution toward enlightenment. As you evolve your depth of understanding of the Life Cards will increase. So the Life Cards will continue to aid your evolution for as long as you own them.
There are 4 decks combined to make one deck of 120 cards, so you will notice slightly different layouts for each of the 4 decks. Don't worry, just treat all 120 as one giant deck!

The Life Card deck may be used in multiple ways. Here are 6 possible ways:

  1. Read the cards sequentially and follow the guidance of each card for one day then go on to the next card. This way you have time to practice the technique or guidance given.

  2. Think of a business or personal question you have. Shuffle the whole deck then intuitively choose 5 cards. The 5 card collection can provide you with answers, guidance, and avenues of introspection.

  3. When planning our business and/or personal year...shuffle the whole deck and choose either 12 cards (for 12 months) or 52 cards (for 52 weeks). Use those cards, in the order you intuitively chose them, as the guidance for each consecutive month or week. The Deckible app gives you options for keeping, recording, and sharing cards and groups of cards! Use the Planning Spread for the 12 month layout and the Random Spread for the 52 week layout.

  4. Shuffle the whole deck. Intuitively pick a card to guide you for the day. Do this each day.

  5. Play with the Cards in any of the pre set spreads. The Life Cards are super versatile!

  6. Make up your own way to use them!

The Life Cards can help you no matter how you choose to use them. As you develop and evolve using the Cards your depth of understanding will increase so that the cards will continue to guide your evolution for many, many years.

Card Deck Genres:

Learning & coaching , Mindfulness


RoseAnn Janzen