Jane Marin


Jane Marin, is a multi award winning mixed media artist/illustrator and creative guide from Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. She is a best selling author, speaker and self confessed bohemian. Jane lives on a sugar cane farm with her husband Livio, and has two adult children and two young grandsons.

She is a qualified life coach, Reiki Master, Past life therapist, intuitive healer and more, but these days concentrates on using her art and the art workshops she teaches, both in person and online through her website, to help others heal their past, light up their present, and find joy and peace in life.

"I’ve always been fascinated by light, colour, texture and symbols but it wasn’t until i began allowing my life as a healer to unfold, that I understood why. It’s all about raising vibration and energy through creative expression. The highest vibration is love - and love can heal.

For me, creative expression is not just my passion and my meditation, it's become my life, my purpose, my connection to all that is. The arts, writing, painting and dance have brought me back from some deep dark places over the decades. And without me really noticing how, I stepped back into the light."



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Mandala Oracle


The Mandala Oracle has been inspired by a desire for all to awaken to their own intuition, to know their own strength, to heal and move positively forward in their life. The Mandala Oracle contains much ancient wisdom assisting you to reconnect to all that is divine within you and to the Great Spirit of all.
Throughout the ages and to this day, when facing life’s tests or quests, humans have sought guidance from an Oracle.

The Mandala is like a meeting place, a connection point; it is has an innate ability to go straight to the source. All that you receive from the Mandala Oracle serves your highest purpose.

There are 48 oracle cards divided into four suits of twelve cards – the Archangels, The Ascended Masters, The 72 Names of God and the Chakras. The breathtaking mandalas are created by Artist/healer/life coach Jane Marin with readings by Vikstar.

Card Deck Genres: