MicroCosmic Wisdom Cards


I’m Sondra Barrett, PhD, inner space explorer, medical scientist, artist, author, educator, and creator of this deck. I love making visible the invisible using photomicroscopy as a gateway into hidden beauty and sacred knowledge

With my microscope, I have photographed everything from wine, mind-altering substances, human cells, vitamins, and even soup. Though I first used the microscope while on the faculty of the University of California Medical School, to study normal human white blood cells and leukemia, that doorway took me into exploring healing traditions especially shamanism and expressive arts.

As a medical scientist I began teaching the wisdom and intelligence of our cells and authored Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence, now in 8 languages (Sounds True). My explorations into cell wisdom expanded more into the spiritual and I taught for California Institute of Integral Studies and Matthew Fox’s University of Creation Spirituality such courses as Mystic Molecules, Cells and the Sacred, and now online Romancing our Cells. I have taught health professionals and the lay public throughout the US and also in Malta, Scotland and China. My teaching programs always include the practical along with beauty of the inner world — making visible the invisible. My first book, Wine’s Hidden Beauty, was based on the microscopic beauty and stories of the life of wine and taste and my photomicrographs have won awards from Nikon and Olympus and are seen in museums and wineries.

My work has straddled science, wine and now the metaphysical. With my discovery of the elemental shapes of mineral salts through the microscope, I leaped, slowly into creating an oracle deck and continue to learn how these microscopic messengers can guide us all to inner wisdom.

MicroCosmic Wisdom Cards Tap into the Mystical through the Molecular