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Through the power of journaling, the Law of Attraction and coaching I rebuilt my life.

I used to let my current circumstances (and somewhat limited thinking and beliefs) dictate to me what I could and couldn’t do and that’s where I got stuck. Stuck in a viscous cycle.

I share from experience – very real experience 💕

In 2014 I was £70k in debt

Made redundant, twice

Separated after 24 years of marriage

In temp jobs that didn’t meet my outgoings or fulfil me as a person.

Feeling useless, hopeless, desperate and depressed.

Telling myself I was trapped. And YES, I was trapped – in my mindset, in circumstance, in my ‘victim mode.’ Although, like most I coach now, I didn't see that at the time.

Now I have the awesome pleasure of empowering others to go after their dreams and build their lives as they want. Starting with journaling was key for me as funds were tight, but my ambition was high.

At the time there just wasn't the range of journals or cards that there is now, that I felt could help me, so I ceated my own.

I now empower others to use this amazing tool, I run classes and have a free Facebook group to support you with your journaling. I coach and empower others to go after and live their dream life, whatever that looks like to you.

I know anything is possible for you.

My Dream Life starts in my Journal and then it's built on, acted upon with ambition and coaching and you can do it too.

Start in your mind

Create in your journal

Bring it to life with a coach.

With love


Empowerment Coach | Mentor | Teacher | Thought Changer | Author

Journaling Therapist | Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer

Where will your dreams take you?

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