Marcy Nelson-Garrison


Product Mentor, Creative Catalyst, Life Coach, Writer, Speaker: I take a stand for confidence, courage and creative expression in business, life and product development.

Product Mentor

I love helping solo-preneurs package their knowledge and expertise in innovative ways. Products are a great way to generate more revenue and expand reach and credibility. Product Mentoring covers concept, production, branding, distribution and marketing. We explore how a product fits in their current business model and check for alignment with authentic branding.

Creative Life Coach

I am a certified professional co-active coach and have been coaching since 1999. I am passionate about helping women embrace their strengths, take courageous action, unleash their creative potential, repackage their wisdom and expertise and consciously choose the impact they want to have in the world. I work with a broad spectrum of professional women - managers, executives, artists, coaches, entrepreneurs both privately and in intimate group formats. My signature coaching model - P.I.N.K. is at the heart of my work with clients.

P.I.N.K. stands for: Power, Imagination, Nurturing & Knowing. I envision the model as a circle with four directions or quadrants. Developing strengths and resources in each of these four quadrants provides a powerful and balanced foundation for your best work and allows you to flourish with more grace and ease.

Founder Coaching Toys Inc

In addition to my own coaching practice, I am founder and president of an online store, Coaching Toys, Inc. ( . The online store serves the personal growth industry, promoting products created by coaches, counselors and trainers.

Marcy Nelson-Garrison  Product Mentor, Creative Life Coach, Founder Coaching Toys Inc