Gillian Windsor


Gillian Windsor brings more than twenty-five years’ experience guiding professional women on their journey to become successful entrepreneurs and executives. She shows women how to stand in their authority and lead from their Feminine Power without sacrificing their hearts and spirit so they can live with more purpose, clarity, and joy in their careers and lives.

She is a speaker and author. Her latest release is the Ascendant Woman Wisdom Deck – A Spirited Guide to Passion, Confidence, and Effective Action.  

She served thousands of students in the US and abroad as a pioneer in the coaching industry and as Senior Faculty for the renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) from 1996 to 2010. She is known as a compelling, Heart-centered, dynamic trainer and facilitator.

Gillian is internationally certified as a Family and Organization System Dynamics facilitator from the Bert Hellinger Institute, Netherlands, and the Hellinger Institute, USA, and in Holistic Psychotherapy and Master Level NLP.

Clients have said Gillian is, Direct, edgy, compassionate, fun, and inspiring.

One wrote, “She calls forth the boldness of your Heart, so your authentic Life comes alive.”

Gillian Windsor Inspirational Leader of Feminine Power