Maria Ross


Maria Ross, is a speaker, strategist, and author who believes cash flow, creativity and compassion are not mutually exclusive. As founder of brand consultancy Red Slice, she shows leaders and organizations how to strengthen empathy to redefine success, create thriving cultures and winning brands. Maria is a catalyst for engaging and connecting with people through the power of empathy.

Maria’s most recent book, The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success (A Playbook for Branding, Leaders, and Teams), explores empathy as a competitive business advantage and was named by Forbes as a top 11 book redefining leadership and by CEO Magazine as one of the year’s most inspiring business books. She's also host of The Empathy Edge podcast.

Maria understands the power of empathy on the business and personal levels: In 2008, shortly after launching her business, she suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm that almost killed her and inspired her acclaimed best-selling memoir, Rebooting My Brain. She is also the author of Branding Basics for Small Business. Maria has been featured in numerous media, including NPR, MSNBC, Entrepreneur, and ABC News. She lives with her husband and young son in Pacifica, California and delivers leadership trainings, transformational keynotes, and brand engagements around the world.

Maria Ross  brand strategist, speaker and author