Tyrone Cusack


Tyrone Cusack is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher, with a deep passion for assisting fellow seekers to uncover their intuitive potential and deepen the quality of their spiritual experiences.

With a solid understanding of Spiritual Awareness, Intuitive Guidance and the Mechanics of Mediumship, bridging two worlds and inspiring others to access their spiritual insight and share their unique ability are at the forefront of his mission.

“It is through our own experiences and intuitive impulses that we have the opportunity to welcome the guidance and support of Spirit and the Universe into our lives. It is at this sacred intersection that we are able to tap into the power of our own Spirit in order to elevate our own healing, growth and understanding on our spiritual journey.”

Tyrone teaches his students, from beginners to professionals, how to cultivate a more intimate relationship with themselves, their intuitive abilities and connection to the Spirit world. His workshops are designed to help students understand and become more confident in advancing their psychic and mediumistic connection, and how by exploring the beauty of our own spiritual journey, we can truly ignite the power of our own spirit.

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