Allyson Williams-Yee


Allyson is an artist and life coach. In 2011, she founded Soul Trees® intuitive art, which combines her love for painting trees and intuition. She is passionate about creating tools that inspire and assist people in accessing their inner wisdom. To date, she has created five oracle decks primarily focused on self-discovery and bringing forth the innate wisdom within each of us. Allyson loves painting trees because she feels they embody metaphorically the immense potential and individuality within each of us. She has been painting trees for over 20 years, in a wide variety of paint mediums, and continues to feel that there is more to express and discover through them. Additionally, she feels called to create and explore new forms of expression, as shown recently in the whimsical and cosmic Soul Seeds Oracle.

Allyson Williams-Yee intuitive, creative, metaphoric